• Multi-Media Web Campaigns
  • Green-screen Video Blogs
  • Logo & Branding
  • Websites, Blogs, Web-Based Issue Campaigns
  • Podcasting. Radio
  • Public & Media Relations 
  • Web-Based Studio Design

It's About You


(All Rates May Vary. Expenses not included.)

All projects require a retainer based on project volume, out of pocket cost, complexity and location.

Web-Based Video Rates:

  • Video Editing: $150 per hr
  • Local on-location video shooting (20 mile radius): $750 per day
  • Out of town video shooting: $1,000 per day in California, out of state rates vary

Web Development:

  • Standard website: 5 pages with social media and PayPal: Starting at $600
  • Mult-Media website: 8-10 pages with multi-media features and social media: $3000-$5000. Includes one 1-2 minute video shot in greenscreen
  • Greenscreen studio construction: $2,000, (plus $1,000 for training) Fee does not include equipment purchases Note: Training is for studio setup and shooting ONLY. Editing not included.
  • Public Relations: $3,000 per month
  • Web Development, Graphic Design and Logo Creation: $95 per hr or Flat Fee

Please Note: At this time, we don't do social media networking.

In today’s quickly evolving technology-based world, having the right tools to manage content and the right connections is important.  What is equally important is having a responsive consultant in your corner who understands your goals.